Sophie Ruigrok

Sophie Ruigrok is a writer based in London.

Our critics drum up an international list of their favourite promising artists

Saturated with marketing sleights of hand and anti-capitalist theory, her work isn’t to blame, any more than I am for reproducing the same rhetoric here

BY Sophie Ruigrok | 04 MAY 20

The movement wasn’t all hard outlines, puns and absurdism as a show in London reveals

BY Sophie Ruigrok | 11 FEB 20

Highlights from the collaborative exhibition by 36 galleries across 17 spaces, which opens this weekend

BY Sophie Ruigrok | 10 JAN 20

Activists aim to whip up protest as weapons buyers flock to the Defence and Security Equipment International trade show

BY Sophie Ruigrok | 10 SEP 19

Bringing together more than 200 artworks, the Drawing Biennial 2019 hammers home why the medium is still so crucial to artists working today

BY Sophie Ruigrok | 04 MAR 19

The pilot biennial plots the English naval city’s place in an increasingly globalized age

BY Sophie Ruigrok | 09 OCT 18

In lieu of institutional support, artists are working together to achieve a remarkable self-sufficiency

BY Sophie Ruigrok | 03 AUG 17